Transform the World with a Food Forest on Your Home

Food Forest Abundance

Food Forest Abundance and Harvest Today share a common goal of promoting regenerative agriculture practices, and we both aim to support farmers, home owners, schools, communities, and growers in their efforts to produce sustainable, fresh, healthy, and locally sourced food.

A Wall For Your Food Forest

Harvest Today provides a simple, yet highly engineered solution to indoor growing which empowers communities to grow their food locally, and harvest crops right off the stem. We designed the Harvest Wall to allow plants and vegetables to grow in a 97% less-water and pesticide-free controlled environment. This enables communities of all sizes to have an increase in accessibility to locally grown food and will help decrease food insecurity.

That’s why we work with Food Forest Abundance to collectively solve the food security conundrum and impact the world positively by providing people the ability to eat fresh food every day straight from their food forest and in all spaces where the Harvest Wall can fit.

Harvest Wall from Harvest Today-min
small tatsoi plant

Introducing the Harvest Wall

Harvest Wall allows people to grow their plants in a controlled environment, yet less labor-intensive way. The watering cycle of your plants is done through the Vertigation™- vertical irrigation system of the Harvest Wall. The Harvest Today App also enables you to set your water schedule through your paired device with the wall.

back of the Harvest Wall showing the water irrigation and the controller of the water pressure
back of the Harvest Wall and a mint growing on a peat cup

Each Harvest Wall is built by interlocking tiles with each other vertically and horizontally. With 6 grow ports on each tile, our biggest Harvest Wall (yet) lets you grow up to 720 plants in only 16 sq ft. of space. And to inform you, each port can raise about 2 lbs. of produce a year.

Why Do We Work With Food Forest Abundance

At Harvest Today, we want to impact the world positively by providing them with the power to grow their food. Once we saw and heard FFA discuss about what they were doing to bring food freedom to the masses, we celebrated and we couldn’t turn our back. As our missions aligned, we visited the Florida campus, met with Jim Gail and began to realize the impact FFA is having and the importance of making sure we execute that ambition correctly.  

Harvest Today’s commitment to food security for all isn’t just a tag line, it is what drives us each day.

The talent FFA brings to the table is unlike any of our other partnerships.  This is an exciting time for Harvest Today! We invite you to reach out to your FFA lead to learn more about the Harvest Wall and how its vertical growing platform can transform your indoor space into an extension of your food farm, or you can contact use through the form below.

woman looking at the crops planted in the Harvest Wall
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