indoor growing made simple

indoor growing made simple

Customize Your Harvest Wall

The solution to your unique indoor growing needs: Choose between single- and double-sided walls, closed-loop plumbing and hookups for external reservoirs, sizes, plant varieties, and more. 

Let’s see where the Harvest Wall fits into your farm. 

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Harvest Today!

Harvest Today provides a simple, yet highly engineered solution to indoor growing which empowers communities to grow their food locally, and harvest crops right off the stem. We designed the Harvest Wall to allow plants and vegetables to grow in a 97% less-water and pesticide-free controlled environment.

Enabling communities of all sizes to have an increase in accessibility to indoor growing lessens food insecurity. That’s why we work to impact the world positively by providing them with the ability to eat fresh food every day from their home, their community, and in all spaces where the Harvest Wall can fit.

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It’s A Harvest Wall, Not A Spaceship

Our goal is to make indoor growing simple and accessible so that everyone in the community can be involved – pretty much like a community garden! Whether you want to grow it yourself or do it with others, the Harvest Wall is a great addition to elevate your life and folks around you.


The Harvest Wall is made to fit different areas from large and tight spaces which lessens the cost of investing in extensive land for farming. Its scalable design is made to adapt to different food consumption habits from kids to adults.

empty wall ports with tatsoi plant growing on a peat cup
back of the Harvest Wall and a mint growing on a peat cup

Water Flow

We have invested in creating the Harvest Wall with a highly engineered structure to promote a simple and efficient Vertigation™ system. The watering schedule can be set through the Harvest Today App which also triggers a notification for low water levels for easier indoor growing.

Simple Assembly

Less complexity, easier understanding of the product. The ‘click ‘n lock’ design of the Harvest Wall allows anyone to assemble their grow wall with their desired quantity of tiles and size.

Harvest Wall port with germinating plants and a basil on a peat cup

The Basics of Indoor Growing

Indoor farming is basically growing crops and plants inside an enclosed area like homes, buildings, or spaces specifically made for cultivation. This method of farming falls under the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). It is a technology-based approach where crops grow in a controlled environment to optimize yield production.

Indoor growing is advertised as a modern solution to environmental problems that affect food production. Growing crops indoors can protect them from moderately to extremely bad environments outdoors in common and remote areas. By controlling humidity, light, carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and nutrition, farmers can optimize horticulture practices indoors. 

Harvest Wall produce
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little basil growing on a single slot of the Harvest Wall

Indoor Growing System For Everybody

Harvest Wall - panel wall
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The Harvest Wall is designed to be easily understood by everybody. It all starts with a tile with six, 2-inch diameter grow ports with Vertigation channels. These tiles can go up to 120 to form a Double-Sided grow wall with 720 grow ports! The Vertigation channels are developed to vertically distribute water and nutrients consistently from top to bottom using a simple water pump. The Harvest Wall also comes with a controller to regulate water cycles.

Aside from its scalable design, the Harvest Wall also features the Harvest Today App that allows you to manage your watering needs without direct contact. 

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