indoor growing made simple

indoor growing made simple

Empowering Communities to Start Indoor Growing

Since 2020, Harvest Today has been working its way towards the indoor growing industry.
Aside from booking a consultation with us, you can also get in touch with us and get updates on the news in the industry. Our news articles cover global events, updates, and more.

CAN (MB): ‘Restaurants are excited to work with us as other lettuce was so expensive’

Posted by VerticalFarm Daily on Jul 10, 2024

Read how Kim Moffatt, founder of The Little Garden Next Door (LGND) in Manitoba, started growing lettuce and other produce using the Harvest Today Vertigation™ System due to high lettuce prices during COVID-19.

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The Secret to Unlocking Nutrient Rich Greens with Rick Langille

Posted by Vertical Farming Podcast on Jun 15, 2024

Harry Duran, host of Vertical Farming Podcast speak with Rick Langille in this episode of Vertical Farming Podcast. Join us for a conversation that not only explores the technical aspects of vertical farming but also delves into the heart and soul behind Harvest Today.

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Harvest Today launches new growing port for the Harvest Wall

Posted by VerticalFarm Daily on Jun 11, 2024

Harvest Today is at GreenTech Amsterdam June 11-13 to network and share knowledge with horticulture experts from all across the globe.

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CAN (MB): Pushing education and research to create opportunities in vertical farming

Posted by VerticalFarm Daily on May 1, 2024

LGTC sells indoor growing solutions, such as Harvest Today Harvest Wall Vertigation™ Systems of which Trina is the regional distributor in Manitoba and North Western Ontario.

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Harvest Today: Revolutionizing Local Food Cultivation, One Wall At A Time

Posted by Indoor Ag-Con on Apr 23, 2024

Harvest Today is on a mission to transform local food cultivation, one wall at a time. In this month’s CEA Q&A, Director of Global Sales and Marketing Peter Maher sheds light on the company’s straightforward approach to simplify, empower and revolutionize local food cultivation through its innovative Harvest Wall systems.

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Harvest Today and NuLeaf Farms Forge Strategic Partnership

Posted by iGrow News on Aug 29, 2023

Harvest Today and NuLeaf Farms have entered into a partnership agreement to provide turnkey solutions to combat food security throughout the globe. The scalable solution can create a local farm for any community so anyone, anywhere can benefit from having a Controlled Environment Agriculture facility in their own back yard.

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ERGOPONIC & Harvest Today Announce Strategic Partnership

Posted by iGrow News on Mar 13, 2023

ERGOPONIC and Harvest Today have jointly announced a new partnership to develop an innovative product. This will incorporate Harvest Today’s flagship product, the Harvest Walls, and ERGOPONIC’s industrial capacity.

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Harvest Today wins 2nd Place in the MB AG Days Innovation Showcase – Ag Technology

Posted by AgDays on Mar 12, 2023

Harvest Today wins 2nd Place in the Ag Technology category – sponsored by Discovery Farm with their innovation the Harvest Wall.

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VIDEO: Growing upwards

Posted by Manitoba Co-operator on Mar 2, 2023

Gardens were still buried under a thick covering of snow. Inside the re-purposed barn in Brandon’s Keystone Centre, however, leafy greens were thriving. The walls of greenery sticking out against the industrial lighting and cement floors belonged to Harvest Today, a US-based company with a Canadian operation in Winnipeg.  

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Sustainable agriculture: eating wall-to-fork!

Posted by Winnipeg Free Press on Jan 14, 2023

Some walls are built to create division; Harvest Today’s walls create sustainable agricultural opportunities. Director of Operations, Canada, William Aitken, is excited about the future of his family’s innovative agriculture-centric business.

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Rick Langille, CEO, Harvest Today, A DotCom Magazine Interview

Posted by DotCom Magazine on Nov 16, 2022

Rick Langille, CEO of Harvest Today was invited by DotCom Magazine for an interview and featured how he embraces the ever-evolving vertical farming world and utilizes his entrepreneurial spirit to grow the solutions of tomorrow.

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Harvest Today: The plant science behind the growing wall and its nutrient uptake

Posted by Verticalfarm Daily on Jul 19, 2022

Jill Clapperton, founder of Rhizoterra, sees the Harvest Wall as a growing system that creates the right environment for crop growing. Featured in Vertical Farm Daily, the Harvest Wall is also recognized by having an efficient water usage for growing.

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Canada’s Farm Show bringing options for year-round growing

Posted by CKOM News on Jun 22, 2022

Kicking off CFS Day 2 with CKOM recognizing Harvest Today as an ag-tech company that promotes Harvest Wall as an indoor agriculture system for year-round growing. The company has garnered international attention from grocery stores in Australia to restaurants in Winnipeg to the prison systems in the United Kingdom.

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Founder and CEO Rick Langille sees controlled environment agriculture as a market that’s ripe for innovation

Posted by Company Week on May 23, 2022

The scalable Harvest Wall features tiles with grow ports filled with coconut fiber. The key features: more nutrients, zero pesticides, and 97 percent less water.” Company Week has featured CEO and founder, Rick Langille, and the Harvest Wall as a scalable solution to the indoor farming industry.

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Harvest Today Becomes Latest Sponsor of the Global Food & Farm Community with Jill Clapperton

Posted by Rhizoterra on May 11, 2022

The Global Food & Farm Community with Jill Clapperton (a project of Rhizoterra, Inc.) is pleased to welcome Harvest Today as the newest sponsor of our growing online community focused on building soil health:

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32 Most Innovative Colorado Based Agriculture Technology Companies & Startups

Posted by Futurology on Apr 25, 2022

This article features Harvest Today as 1 of 32 top picks for the best Colorado based Agriculture Technology companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Agriculture Technology industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

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Harvest Today: Introducing a simple scalable solution to indoor growing

Posted by VerticalFarm Daily on Feb 25, 2022

“We want to impact the world in a positive way by helping people grow their own food,” says Rick Langille, CEO and Founder of Harvest Today. As an avid explorer who has sailed the oceans for years, Rick learned first-hand that the exploding population comes with increasing pressure on the ecosystem.

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Pershore College provides a glimpse into the future of food production

Posted by Hort News on Oct 7, 2021

An event that showcased the latest technological developments in the world of horticulture has been heralded as a success by organizers and attendees.

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Pershore provides a glimpse into the future of food production

Posted by WCG on Oct 1, 2021

A Festival of Horticultural Technology held at Pershore College has been greeted with plaudits by both speakers and an audience which was made up of a range of representatives from sectors as diverse as Her Majesty’s Prison Service to the National Farmers’ Union.  

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