indoor growing made simple

indoor growing made simple

Frequently Asked Questions

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We ensure that the Harvest Wall is manufactured safely by following the USDA regulations. Our food grade materials are also enhanced with UV inhibitors to ensure plastic durability for 20 years.

Vertigation is the trademark irrigation technology by Harvest Today. It is the vertical irrigation of the wall that efficiently distributes the dosing solution to the plants through the vertigation channels in a closed-looped system. 

The Harvest Wall can grow organic-certified plants. 

The Harvest Wall comes together with 5 main pieces: flood rail, tile, vertical rails, and the water tank that are engineered to fit together nicely. Read the product manual for more information.

The Harvest Wall is incorporated with the Click ‘N Lock system. You can arrange the tiles horizontally and vertically to create your Harvest Wall. Connecting your device and wall is also easy with the Harvest Today app.

Here are a few simple solutions you can use to clean your Harvest Wall:

A. Electrolyzed water – you can go from 6.8 to 6.7 pH. (If you opt to go higher, you can go with baking soda)

B. Vinegar – make sure to rinse well and do not go over 100 mL per liter of water.

C. Vodka Dilute Solution – this can be used if you are dealing with plant disease problems

D. Denatured Eth\aynol – you can dilute this with water

E. Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide solution 

Plant Related

This depends on what type of seed you are growing. Big seeds must be soaked in water first before placing them into the growing medium. Germinating seeds can survive in water alone for 12 days. Make sure to moisten the coco coir before transferring the sprout. 

Your crops and plants are the biological indicators of your growing method. If there are changes in your leafy greens, there can be a problem with your technique, which can be with the lighting, temperature, humidity, nutrient dosing, or poor management. 

We recommend choosing a variety of crops with similar light, water, temperature, and humidity requirements in a single Harvest Wall. 

We recommend making sure that you are not overwatering as well as underwatering your plants. We suggest setting your Harvest Wall watering frequency to 5 times a day for 1 minute to start, then adjust as necessary. 


The Harvest Wall is designed to grow different kinds of greens and vegetables. Herbs and crops like swiss chard, romaine lettuce, basil, mustard frill, and tatsoi are crops to grow in your Harvest Wall.

Contrary to popular belief, pests are normal when you are growing crops and vegetables. If they do get out of hand, you can reduce pests by cleaning the Harvest Wall and the room it is in. keeping your harvest wall and the room it is in clean.

Yes! You can grow plants in one grow wall with the same seasonal, light, water, temperature, and humidity requirements. This avoids giving the other plants what they do not need. 


Yes! The Harvest Wall is designed to be able to ship easily anywhere. If you are wondering if we’re able to fulfill your order, please message us to learn more.

  • 5 years – electronics
  • 10 years – plastics

Read the full warranty statement here: Harvest Today Warranty Statement.