indoor growing made simple

indoor growing made simple

The Harvest Wall
Indoor Farm Within Your Reach

The Harvest Wall is an indoor vertical grow wall that lets you maximize your food production by making the most out of your growing space. The best part of the Harvest Wall is that its scalable feature allows you to transform an existing space to your very own indoor farm. 

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Kicking off your indoor growing journey or slowly shifting to modern farming is easy with the Harvest Wall. The Harvest Wall is easy to assemble, simple to operate, and scalable to any size you need. Growing food with the Harvest Wall allows you mix some elements of traditional agriculture like using a growing medium with modern farming techniques to achieve: accessible fresh produce anytime, and anywhere. 

Harvest Today allows people to grow their plants in a controlled environment, yet less labor-intensive way. The watering cycle of your plants is done through the Vertigation™- vertical irrigation system of the Harvest Wall. The Harvest Today App also enables you to set your water schedule through your paired device with the wall.

back of the Harvest Wall showing the water irrigation and the controller of the water pressure
plants and vegetables growing on the Harvest Wall with lettuce in a peat cup

You can grow nutrient-dense plants and vegetables with zero pesticide usage, 97% less water, soil combination, and a carbon-neutral environment. Harvesting an organically grown vegetable is possible with the Harvest Wall.

Go Big or Go Small, It’s Up To You

There are over 105 sizes available for the Harvest Wall to cater to different customer needs and applications. Its scalable feature allows you to choose how much food you need to produce.

Each Harvest Wall is built by interlocking tiles with each other vertically and horizontally. With 6 grow ports on each tile, our biggest Harvest Wall (yet) lets you grow up to 720 plants in only 16 sq ft. of space.

Double Sided Single Sided Double Doors # Tiles Wide # Tiles High Size (Inches) = Width x Height x Depth Total # of Grow Ports
The Mega 720 12 5 101.625” X 85.75” X 8.5” 720
The Max 576 12 4 101.625” X 70.75” X 8.5” 576
The Mini 432 12 3 101.625” X 55.75” X 8.5” 432
The Micro 288 12 2 101.625” X 40.75” X 8.5” 288
The Mega 360 12 5 101.625” X 85.75” X 4” 360
The Max 288 12 4 101.625” X 70.75” X 4” 288
The Mini 216 12 3 101.625” X 55.75” X 4” 216
The Micro 144 12 2 101.625” X 40.75” X 4” 144

Pump Electrical Specifications: Universal Power Supply 115/120V and 50/60Hz


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Harvest Wall single tile with 6 ports
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Be agriculturally and socially productive!

Upon purchase of the Harvest Wall, our farmers also gain access to the The Global Food & Farm Community by Jill Clapperton. Through this social platform, farmers are able to build relationships with farming experts and other farmers in the same community. This helps farmers understand healthy practices for farming.

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