indoor growing made simple

indoor growing made simple


Harvest Today is an agri-tech company that empowers global and local communities to be able to grow fresh produce closer to home and promote the harvest revolution. Its goal is to harvest and produce all-year-round crops and vegetables through our scalable indoor growing system solution. 

Harvest Today All Over the World

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Harvest Today all over the world
lettuce produce growing in The Harvest Wall
Harvest Wall with growing mustard frills and basil and showing the back of the wall
Kale leaf from the Harvest Wall

Why We Exist

The continuously exploding population puts more pressure on the growing ecosystem to keep up with increased demand. 1 out of 3 people around the world experience food insecurity which means we need a simple solution to produce more food for these people globally.

Sustainable crop growth can be hindered by seasonal and climate change, water, and nutrients, which also affects food production that results in growing only during certain times of the year. A simple indoor growing system can solve this problem to increase crop growth and food production. 

opened Harvest Wall with Kale, Mustard, Lettuce and Basil

Our Solution

A scalable indoor growing system brings an increase in food production to adapt to the growing population globally. We’ve partnered up with different professionals to produce a meticulously engineered grow wall that can meet the needs of small to large communities, institutions, and farms.

The Harvest Wall is a scalable indoor growing system where you can grow and harvest varieties of plants and crops. It is designed to grow nutrient-dense plants that can feed small and large global communities. 

The Future We Want to Achieve

At Harvest Today, we want to impact the world positively by providing them with the power to grow their food. Starting from a tile to a grow wall, Harvest Wall can enable a farmer to produce a massive quantity of fresh food that can feed a huge number of people.

Harvest Wall plays a huge part in letting the world know that they can grow carbon-neutral crops and plants in an indoor growing system with grow medium, pesticide-free, and 97% less water. With the Harvest Wall, food insecurity and hunger can be lessened. 

Rick from Harvest Today holding a peat cup with growing mustard
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