indoor growing made simple

indoor growing made simple

Harvest Today is Heading to GreenTech Amsterdam 2024

Harvest Today in GreenTech Amsterdam 2024

Harvest Today is headed to GreenTech Amsterdam in June to meet with horticulture experts across the globe. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to learn about developments in the horticulture space, network with industry professionals, and discuss new solutions to challenges facing the entire industry.

What’s more is we have exciting developments to share ourselves! Our team will be at GreenTech this year showcasing our indoor growing solutions and sharing some new innovations.

Whether you’re planning to join us in Amsterdam next month or not, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what you can expect next month.

Side Note: if you’re not planning to go to GreenTech Amsterdam this year, you should reconsider and take this FREE ticket

What’s Up with Harvest Today?

At Harvest Today, we make farming at every level easier, safer, and more sustainable. A big part of our mission is to make it possible for more people to enjoy fresh produce they can trust, which is why we’re excited to share updates on our indoor farming solutions. 

At the top of this list is our new 4-port growing tiles, which allows users to cultivate a greater variety of nutrient-dense, organic food right at home! Our Harvest Wall is currently made up of 6-port tiles with a diameter of 2 ½ inches each that connect to create a wall in whatever size suits your needs.

Our new 3¼-inch 4-port tiles make it possible for you to grow 5x the plant volume and can connect to your existing Harvest Wall, making it simple to enjoy greater plant diversification as soon as possible.

The Harvest Wall 3¼-inch 4-port tiles next to the 2½-inch 6-port tiles.
The Harvest Wall 3¼-inch 4-port tiles next to the 2½-inch 6-port tiles.
Our Patented Vertigation™ channels

Our walls are powered by Vertigation™, our patented vertical irrigation system that guarantees even water distribution every time. Other features you can enjoy with the Harvest Wall include: 

Our team will be at booth #05.423, so come see what the Harvest Wall is all about for yourself! 

What is GreenTech Amsterdam?

GreenTech Amsterdam is the #1 horticulture technology platform that brings together experts from around the world to network, innovate, and conduct business. Market leaders in the agri-tech space from more than 125 countries will be here for three days sharing products, technology, industry knowledge, and more.

The theme for the show this year is all about “your connection to sustainable food and flower production,” so you’re primed to learn all about the newest innovations and trends in the field geared toward safer and better food production.

In addition to the many businesses that will be set up at their own booths at the show, you can expect endless opportunities to get involved and learn about new innovations within the horticulture space. This includes:

There’s so much more to discover at GreenTech Amsterdam this year, but you’ll have to come see for yourself!

How Can Harvest Today Get You a FREE Ticket?

GreenTech Amsterdam is happening June 11-13 and is open to all professionals in the horticulture sector. If you want to be a part of the experience, Harvest Today can make it happen—for free! 

Register to get your FREE 3-day pass to GreenTech Amsterdam, so you can experience one of the largest gatherings of horticulture experts in the world! 

Once you secure your ticket, you’ll be able to download the GreenTech Connect app to plan your route throughout the three-day show and find out more about each of the attendees. 

In the meantime, you can stay up to date on what we’re up to by checking out Harvest Today News! We’re always connecting with communities around us and want to share our success with you.

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