indoor growing made simple

indoor growing made simple

Harvest Today Participates in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) 4.0

crops growing in a Controlled Environment Agriculture

Harvest Today attends the CEA 4.0 via Pine together with 250 other companies in the same industry. The virtual event focuses on accelerating the development, advancement, and efficiency of indoor farming. This conference and exhibit run over 2 days – May 6, and May 20, 2022. 

CEA 4.0 covers the development of indoor farming through the years and its impact on the farming and food sectors. According to the director of Tech 4.0, Jonathan Martin, this edition of CEA 4.0 focuses on: 

On the technological aspect, this event covers the: 

Harvest Today will be presenting on May 20, 2022, to talk about the challenges in starting an indoor growing system and alternative solutions with fewer resources than most large-scale indoor farm systems. The Harvest Wall will be presented as a simple, economical, and scalable solution for indoor growing.  

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Naomi Jannah Ratio is a 24-year-old writer who sees huge importance in working towards a sustainable future for her kids and everyone in the world. Aside from being a stay-at-home mom taking care of her family, she often spends time thinking about how she can contribute to helping the environment in every little way possible. Together with the Harvest Today, she is hoping to improve global food security and work towards environmental injustices through her writings. 

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