indoor growing made simple

indoor growing made simple

Practicing Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and Traditional Agriculture With The Harvest Wall

traditional agriculture and CEA comparison

The increasing global population causes a spike in the food production demand and pressure on the food supply sector, and 2.5 billion of the world’s population rely on agriculture as their source of livelihood. The fast-growing population increases residential housing areas for people, thus decreasing the space for agricultural uses. The good thing about agricultural development is that farmers and experts are improving farming methods by adopting controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

Traditional agriculture and CEA are two different farming methods that are both efficient in providing food supplies to local and global communities. Choosing between two strategies depends on the area you live in, your physical abilities, and your access to natural resources and tools. Along with the right farming equipment, you can practice both traditional and CEA techniques. 

Harvest Wall’s Efficiency in the Farming Sector

Harvest Wall

Traditional agriculture incorporates farming techniques outdoors and relies on natural resources for heat, light, temperature, soil, and water, whereas CEA allows farmers to have more control over growing their plants including irrigation, temperature, humidity, nutrient dosing, lighting, and growing medium.

Harvest Today’s goal is to empower local communities globally to grow their food to increase food security and production. The Harvest Wall lets you combine some aspects of traditional agriculture in a CEA setting. Growing plants with the Harvest Wall uses a growing medium, like coco coir, or other organic compounds. It also develops a root system just like traditional farming. Farmers can also scale their yield production by choosing walls with up to 720 ports. 

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Traditional Agriculture
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The Harvest Wall uses a patented irrigation system known as Vertigation™. It equally distributes nutrients to the plant ports through interlocking flow channels. The excess water goes back to the water tank and is used on the next irrigation cycle. This system saves water which benefits the environment. Regardless of the technique used, traditional and modern farming procedures work towards the same goal: to provide food and a source of livelihood. 

Starting a Sustainable Indoor Growing System with the Harvest Wall

At Harvest Today, we believe that people live better when they eat fresh food. Having your own indoor or outdoor farm makes fresh produce more accessible and available for daily consumption. It also lessens global food insecurity and hunger, which is why we came up with a highly engineered indoor growing system: the Harvest Wall.

The Harvest Wall can cater to yield production for homes, communities, and large commercial institutions. It can grow plants and vegetables regardless of season and place, and lessen the resources needed and physical work to grow fresh produce. You can connect with the Harvest Today team by completing this form. 


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Naomi Jannah Ratio is a 24-year-old writer who sees huge importance in working towards a sustainable future for her kids and everyone in the world. Aside from being a stay-at-home mom taking care of her family, she often spends time thinking about how she can contribute to helping the environment in every little way possible. Together with the Harvest Today, she is hoping to improve global food security and work towards environmental injustices through her writings. 

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